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Breakfast Workshop with Joanna Denton

‘There’s got to be more to life than this’

Are you just surviving each day on an endless loop of eat, sleep, work, repeat?

Are you looking to get a better balance into your life?

Join us for a breakfast workshop with Joanna Denton who will help you understand why it

can be so difficult to get balance in our lives. Find out how to break the cycle of eat, sleep,

work, repeat. You will then be able to implement small practical and tangible solutions to

get some of your life back.

Joanna Denton is an Executive coach, working with stressed out executives to help them

get back a bit of headspace and control in their lives before they crash and burn. Prior to

that, she spent 16 years working as a Tax Consultant in Big Four companies in the UK and

Luxembourg. She is a former Chair of the British Chamber of Commerce for Luxembourg,

a two-time TEDx speaker, and author of the book, “A Different Truth: Reject the Truths that

are killing your career and learn to make choices that are better for you”

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